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Day Five – Hearing the Joyful Call to Worship

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Psalm 89:14-18 (NLT)

Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne.
Unfailing love and truth walk before you as attendants.
15 Happy [blessed] are those who hear the joyful call to worship,
for they will walk in the light of your presence, Lord.
16 They rejoice all day long in your wonderful reputation.
They exult in your righteousness.
17 You are their glorious strength.
It pleases you to make us strong.
18 Yes, our protection comes from the Lord,
and he, the Holy One of Israel, has given us our king.

Psalm 89 declares the blessedness of those who have heard the call to worship God, who walk in His presence.

“We know from the Psalms that Israel’s worship emphasized a celebration of [God's] power…, and v. 15 declares the good fortune of the people who acknowledge the shout that expresses that celebration.  Verse 15b begins to explicate what that good fortune consists in.  Psalm 44:3 speaks of the way ‘the light of your face’ gave Israel the land, along with [God's] right hand and [God's] arm.  When they walked, they walked with [God's] face smiling on them, and that certainly meant good fortune.  The worship that celebrates [God's] power and the walk that experiences the fruitfulness of that power thus relate to one another.

So people rejoice in worship on both sides of their experience of walking that walk.  They worship, they walk, they rejoice some more.  In [God's] name they thus rejoice continually (lit. ‘all day’).”  (Goldingay, John. Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Wisdom and Psalms - Psalms, Volume 2:  Psalm 42-89.  p. 674-675)

Let’s pray for our churches, that we may live hearing and responding to the joyful call to worship. May we rejoice and worship as the light of His face shines upon us.

Let’s also pray for our upcoming Sunday worship celebrations.  Let’s pray for the speakers, music team, and all involved in preparation.  Let’s pray that each one who comes will be blessed as they hear and respond to the joyful call to worship the Lord.

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