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Day Five: Gentleness—Intercession Instead of Irritation.

Friday, April 17th, 2015

Numbers 12 (NIV) - Miriam and Aaron began to talk against Moses because of his Cushite wife, for he had married a Cushite. 2 “Has the Lord spoken only through Moses?” they asked. “Hasn’t he also spoken through us?” And the Lord heard this.

3 (Now Moses was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth.)

4 At once the Lord said to Moses, Aaron and Miriam, “Come out to the tent of meeting, all three of you.” So the three of them went out. 5 Then the Lord came down in a pillar of cloud; he stood at the entrance to the tent and summoned Aaron and Miriam. When the two of them stepped forward, 6 he said, “Listen to my words: “When there is a prophet among you, I, the Lord, reveal myself to them in visions, I speak to them in dreams.
 7 But this is not true of my servant Moses; he is faithful in all my house.
 8 With him I speak face to face, clearly and not in riddles;
he sees the form of the Lord.
Why then were you not afraid
to speak against my servant Moses?”

9 The anger of the Lord burned against them, and he left them.

10 When the cloud lifted from above the tent, Miriam’s skin was leprous-it became as white as snow. Aaron turned toward her and saw that she had a defiling skin disease, 11 and he said to Moses, “Please, my lord, I ask you not to hold against us the sin we have so foolishly committed. 12 Do not let her be like a stillborn infant coming from its mother’s womb with its flesh half eaten away.”

13 So Moses cried out to the Lord, “Please, God, heal her!”

14 The Lord replied to Moses, “If her father had spit in her face, would she not have been in disgrace for seven days? Confine her outside the camp for seven days; after that she can be brought back.” 15 So Miriam was confined outside the camp for seven days, and the people did not move on till she was brought back.

16 After that, the people left Hazeroth and encamped in the Desert of Paran.

Moses in Numbers 12:3 showed gentleness in the sense that when faced with criticism, he did not give way to rage but rather interceded with God for the offenders. Another example is Paul when he entreats the Corinthian church with the gentleness of Christ (2 Cor. 10:1), and entreats Timothy to correct with gentleness in the hope of leading people to repentance (2 Tim. 2:25). This gentleness is ultimately seen in Christ, as Jesus when being arrested declares to the disciples that twelve legion of angels were at his disposal (Matt 26:53), however Jesus goes towards the cross “like a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before its shearers is silent, so he did not open his mouth” (Isaiah 53:7).

Therefore, to experience salvation is to experience God’s gentleness in our lives-where in God’s strength and gentleness, he speaks tenderly and kindly to redeem. This is the intercession that we have received from the Lord. Hence, as we grow in gentleness, this is the fruit of the Spirit in which we are to follow the Spirit given direction/decision to act kindly and mercifully, even when we are faced with the option of acting in rage, harshly, and unkindly.

As we end this week’s transmission, may we go deeper in knowing God’s gentleness by growing in intercession, instead of growing in irritation and harshness. Today, are there those with whom you tend to be bothered by and become irritated with? Instead of allowing those emotions and thoughts to remain, let’s begin to intercede. For in that place of intercession, we will be filled with God’s strength, which is shown in the manner he gently corrects and lifts us up; for this is the Good News-he won’t break the bruised reed, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out.

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