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Day Four: Submit Yourselves…to God

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

One way to look at this ’fight’ against strongholds is to ’run into the stronghold of God’ and find all we need in Him. With this, we can begin our fight the way James 4:6-7 states, God “gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says: ‘God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.’ Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

Submit to God means submitting everything. We don’t let anything have room to influence us, and we say no to everything that hinders God’s plans. And that means practically also. Common sense is pretty simple - there are some things we don’t have to do, or see, or go to, or invest in, or run after. If that is the case then simply stop, don’t do it, resist the pull, and move on into the things of God.

Resisting the devil and the lies about our lives and how to live this life is a matter of embracing the truth of God’s Word and choosing to live in the truth…no matter the cost. ”Lies can only live if we choose to believe them.” And so we seek the redeeming truth we have in Jesus for each area of struggle, temptation, or deception, and we seek to live that truth out in every area of our lives.

God desires to have a deeper and intimate relationship with us. He is waiting for us to be with Him, and for us to find satisfaction in his Presence. He grieves over our busy-ness, our idolatries, our human achievements. Yet, we read that God, ‘gives grace to the humble.’ If we are willing to let go of the very strong holds of sin, and stop the wrong thinking and believing about God and this life we have in him, change will come, his grace will bring transformation and hope.

The weapon of Truth used in humility before God has divine power. It is powerful, it will change our lives, and it will set us free. The truth will reshape the distorted understandings of God we may have had. The sheer weight of the painful life experiences pulls our thoughts and emotions away from trust. But the weight of God’s Word is greater, and it will reshape our lives, our thinking, and our desires in the way of truth, the Truth that sets us free to believe God at His word.

Through Jesus, God has revealed himself as a merciful, compassionate Father who always seeks our very best. God gives grace to the heart that is humble, to the one who is trying their best to love Him. Submit yourself to the One who created you, saved you, and has an incredible plan for you. Today, let’s simply do that by submitting to God, seeking to follow Him in everything, and letting our thoughts and desires be guided by Him in the truth of His Word. Pray for the humility that draws the grace of God into our lives.

- TR

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