Day One: Made Sweet Again

Ruth 1:11-13 – But Naomi said…”Return home, my daughters…It is more bitter for me than for you, because the Lord’s hand has turned against me!”

Here we find Naomi and her daughter’s in law, instead of having things work out for them, they are left having experienced death, sickness, destruction and emptiness. With this background we are presented with the question, what is to happen to someone like Naomi and Ruth? What is the hope for their lives when everything has fallen apart? How does the Lord respond and act towards them?

Naomi expected a meager existence and a life of bitterness, but as we will see the Lord has in store abundance and fuller redemption. This is the gospel. However, it all begins for Naomi when she sets her foot onto the road of returning to the Lord. This is the road where one leaves the old life of sin, and also having settled in the wrong places. The road that leads us back to the Lord is never closed. Grace and mercy of God means that this road is always open.

The heart of this message is one of redemption and where the Lord redeems them to a place that was way greater and beyond what Naomi and Ruth could have ever dreamed or imagined.

Today consider the depths from which we have been rescued, and the depths of mercy to which we have been taken to. Worship with the song “Your Grace Amazes Me” (Click Here).

– GK