Day Four: He won’t back out

Psalm 132:13-14 (MSG)

Yes—I, God, chose Zion, the place I wanted for my shrine; This will always be my home; this is what I want, and I’m here for good.

“But Psalm132 doesn’t just keep our feet on the ground, it also gets them off the ground. Not only is it a solid foundation for the past, it is a daring leap into the future. For obedience is not a stodgy plodding in the ruts of religion, it is a hopeful race toward God’s promises. The second half of the psalm has a propellant quality to it. The psalmist is not an antiquarian reveling in the past for its own sake but a traveler using what he knows of the past to get to where he is going – to God.” [Eugene Peterson, A Long Obedience in the Same Direction, p. 161]

In 2 Samuel 7, the Lord reminds David that he would choose where lived, not David or anyone else. We often think obedience is something that we decide to do for the Lord, instead of responding to his leading. What’s the difference between true obedience versus something that we decide to do for the Lord?

In an amazing reversal, in 2 Samuel 7:11-16, the Lord promised to build a house for David and his offspring. Psalm 132:13-14 echoes the Lord’s promise to always dwell with his people. Are there specific steps of obedience in which you are to pursue God’s presence in your life?