Day Two: When God Wants

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8.32)

“’Are you kidding me? There’s no absolute truth and certainly no God… I’ve studied postmodern philosophy. I can tell you there is no absolute truth… You can’t even communicate truth with language, so please don’t try to talk to me about God. It’s ridiculous, a delusion…’

‘David, there are a few issues with what you are saying… You say, “There is no absolute truth” as if it is an absolute truth, and you also used language to communicate that. You just doubly contradicted yourself… For me and your aunt, the truth is a Person we know, not just a concept in our heads. He’s someone we have a real relationship with… Just because our understanding of him isn’t always perfect doesn’t change that he’s the absolute truth. It’s his perfect grace, not “perfect” knowledge of God, that saves us, David.’

I pushed my plate away. ‘But what about all the evil the church has done to LGBTQI people? Do you really think I’d believe you after all of that?’ I shook my head…

My aunt and uncle also left soon afterward. Years later I learned that on the way home, they talked about my response. ‘When David was talking, I saw the Holy Spirit over him. He’s going to be saved and baptized with the Spirit in three months’ time,’ Brendan told my aunt confidently.” (D. Bennett, A War of Loves)

God is the God of the impossible. Let us bow down in awe of Him and sing, “Here I Bow” (Click Here)