Day Four: Married? Married. Married? Ya, married. Married? Married! Jeesh

“So Moses went back and summoned the elders of the people and set before them all the words the LORD had commanded him to speak. The people all responded together, ‘We will do everything the LORD has said.’ So Moses brought their answer back to the LORD.” (Exodus 19:7-8)

“God says, ‘You will be my treasured possession… out of all the nations that I have, all the wealth, everything I have, you, Israel, are going to be right here, close to me, because I love you. You are treasured. And you have value.’ He begins to speak into Israel, from living under the shadow of a mighty, tyrannical nation of Egypt, they come into the shadow of the Almighty, where they are now treasured and valued beyond any other place in all the earth.

This holy God, who says, ‘Don’t come up My mountain!’ [Now, says to the people of God], ‘You are going to be the closest thing to me.’ And Israel is like, ‘What do we do with this?’ But you and I in Christ, we know exactly what He does with that! Where He takes His very own Son, holy and perfect in every way. And for us, who are imperfect, can’t be with God, He lays His life down for us. So that our faith in Him, when He died and rose again… given to us as a gift of God that we could enter in… not only is God holy, awesome and perfect… but [now] we find ourselves right in His heart. That’s who God was saying, Israel, you will be. And that is who God says we are in this day.

The whole language of Sinai has this incredible imagery of how God loved Israel, treasured her. Then all of sudden from this point forward, there’s all this language in the prophets that talk about Israel as the bride of God. The covenant that was written, the covenant that was spoken on Sinai, was the moment where God would come and reveal His passionate heart like a husband toward His bride, the one He most treasures and loves. And in that covenant, it would never separate. God would hold to that covenant.” [from P. Tim’s message at AMC on 1/27/2018]

Let’s pray: Lord, Your love for Your people is overwhelming! May this love touch us and continue to change us, that we would be the faithful bride of Christ, displaying His glory in our world.

– JP