Day Four: Forward! Forward! Forward!

And the Lord said unto Moses, “Why cry you unto Me? Speak unto the children of Israel, that they go forward.” (Exodus 14:15)

“[W]e may view the great company who came out of Egypt as AN ARMY UNDER COMMAND; therefore, they must obey. The command given to them is, ‘Forward!’

‘Forward? Forward?’ Might the wise men have said in the host of Israel, ‘How can we go forward? That narrow beach leads down to the foaming billow. Forward? What do you mean? We are altogether as dead men if we go forward! Would you have us swim? Do you know where you are? There are miles and miles of deep water, and who knows the bottom of the sea? Forward? Absurd!—We shall lose the camels, and the sheep, and the baggage, and our wealth, and our children, and our little ones—yes, and our own lives also.’ But thus says the Lord, ‘Forward!’ You came out of Egypt under Moses’ command, will you play the rebel’s part? If the Lord is your Captain, you must do absolutely what He bids you at any loss, and at any cost. If He says, ‘Forward,’ and it is into the Red Sea or into a gulf of fire, forward you must go! Now, beloved, this presents us a picture of those who are savingly converted, who, on a sudden, meet with difficulties in following Christ, and run to their minister or to their friend, and say, ‘What are we to do?’ The Lord’s message by me, tonight, to your anxious inquiry is this— ‘Forward!’ It is a simple one—‘Forward!’ ‘Sir, I have just begun to be a Christian, but if I continue in it, I shall lose my business! My calling is such that I cannot be honest in it, and serve my God faithfully without sinking all my capital and bringing myself and family to beggary. What ought I to do? Ought I not to give up my religion?’ Forward! Forward! No matter what is before you. Forward! You are not fit to be a soldier of Christ unless you can count all costs, and still hold fast to the cross of Christ.” [C.H. Spurgeon, Sermon #548: “Forward! Forward! Forward!”]

Let’s pray: Lord, may we move forward with You! Why linger in unbelief, or uncertainty, or fear, when we can move forward with You into newness of life, assurance, and faith! Lord, I want to move forward with You!

– JP