Day Two: Let Me Love You

1 John 4:19 (NIV) – We love because he first loved us.

With anything in life, there is always a starting point. In our quest and longing to love Jesus more, that starting point is the love of God. The apostle affirms for us that we love because he first loved us. He goes at length to establish and explain that God is love and love comes from him and is given by him, essentially centered on, caused and fulfilled by Christ.

Prayer: Lord, we really want to grow in loving you, but let it be all about your love. We admit that there is nothing within ourselves that is called love that wasn’t given by you. So help us to be even more fervent in seeking to know you and love you. In Christ’s name, amen.

Song: Let Me Love You” by Mark and Elisa Kim. This old song that we sang together in the church was a reflection of the times when we were really seeking to know and grow in love with Jesus more. Lyrics are below.

Let Me Love You

 I can’t imagine what if
What my life would be like
What would I be doing now
If I had never met You

Your love is the one thing
That makes any sense
You are the one friend
I can always turn to

Let me love You with my life
Let me worship You in all I do
Let me serve You with all my heart
I owe it all to You
This is all for You, Jesus

Could there ever be a song?
Could words ever express?
How much I love You
How thankful I am for You

– MK