Day Three: Rescued from the Fowler’s Snare

Psalm 124:7 (NIV)

We have escaped like a bird from the fowler’s snare;
The snare has been broken,
And we have escaped.

Another image of our rescue and help from the Lord in Psalm 124 is that of a bird is trapped in a snare.  The captured fowl is doomed to be caught (and consumed) until, seemingly inexplicably and impossibly, the snare is broken and the bird is free. Our rescue from God has been like this – the situation may have seemed impossible, final, and even deserved, but when God moves, we are set free in miraculous and unexpected ways.

1 – Consider this imagery and the utterly shocking, unexpected rescue in a seemingly impossible situation that it depicts. When have you and/or your church experienced this kind of rescue by God?

2 – Look at Acts 12:1-17 and discuss together this example of this kind of rescue.

3 – Now look at Acts 16:25-40 and compare to the Acts 12 example.  What is different and what is the same?  Taken together, what do these passages teach us about the purpose of God’s rescue in the lives of His people?

4 – Let’s pray for those in our churches in need of this type of utterly unexpected, yet expected because we prayed, rescue.

– BR