Day One: Trusting in the Trustworthy One

Psalm 125:1 (NLT) – “Those who trust in the Lord are as secure as Mount Zion; they will not be defeated (shaken) but will endure forever.”

The experience of insecurity, uncertainty, and fears are the common human experiences in this sin-dominated world. In today’s passage however, the psalmist invites those who trust in the Lord to a completely different existence, where certainty, security and steadiness is now to be our experienced reality.

Today’s passage begins with “Those who trust in the Lord…” The designation “those” refers to the community’s (not only an individual’s) response to the Lord. How does trusting the Lord together as a community differ/enhance the aspect of trusting in the Lord?

The word “trust” is to be understood as an act of placing full faith and confidence in the one whose trustworthiness has been shown throughout.  For the people of Israel, they were to place their trust in the Lord, who has shown His trustworthiness by delivering them from Egypt, from famine, from the threats of invading armies, and from their sins. Today, as we place our trust in the Lord, let’s count the ways the Lord has shown us His trustworthiness in our lives. In what particular ways has the Lord shown His trustworthiness to you?

Psalm 46:5-6 claims that God’s people can live securely as Mount Zion, because “God is within her, and she will not fall”. We (Christians) are no better than the world in need of protection and security. What is different is that we don’t have to build our own place of security, rather it is the Lord who builds our strong place of refuge, for God is with and within us.

– GK