Day Two: Surrounded Always (NLT)

Psalm 125:2 – “Just as the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people, both now and forever.”

There were several mountains, even higher than Zion surrounding the Jerusalem area. The Mount of Olives stands sixty-six meters higher than Zion, and Mount Scopus towers more than seventy-six meters above Zion, with other peaks standing higher than Zion as well. These surrounding mountains function as a wall around Jerusalem—a wall that keeps invading forces at bay. This is imagery that is used in this verse to capture the manner in which Yahweh surrounds as a protective ‘wall’ around his people.

Having mountains as a protective shield/wall means that it will never shake or crumble. How does this imagery of God as these vast mountains surrounding and protecting us affect your view of God as our protector?

The wording “…the Lord surrounds” is to give the assurance that there is no area in our lives that is exposed, defenseless, or has become a blind spot.  What are the areas/times/circumstances where you have felt exposed, defenseless, or that you were in God’s blind spot?  Today pray and surrender and welcome the Lord’s very care and presence in those very areas.

Today’s verse ends with “…both now and forever.” This is the assurance that God’s care and protection over His people is to occur in the now (today), and also forever (eternity).  This means that there is never a time when we are outside of God’s protective care. How are we to now view any and all area, past and present and future?

– GK