Day Five: In the moment

Psalm 132:15-18 (NIV)

15 I’ll shower blessings on the pilgrims who come here, and give supper to those who arrive hungry; 16 I’ll dress my priests in salvation clothes; the holy people will sing their hearts out! 17 Oh, I’ll make the place radiant for David! I’ll fill it with light for my anointed! 18 I’ll dress his enemies in dirty rags, but I’ll make his crown sparkle with splendor.

 “If we define the nature of our lives by the mistake of the moment or the defeat of the hour or the boredom of the day, we will define it wrongly. We need roots in the past to give obedience ballast and breadth; we need a vision of the future to give obedience direction and goal. And they must be connected. There must be an organic unity between them.” [Eugene Peterson, A Long Obedience in the Same Direction, p. 163]

In Psalm 132:15-18, each verse speaks of a future reality based on the history of God among his people. Answer the questions below to give “root” to our present obedience in the future hope of God’s promises.

Verse 15: What are some prominent examples of God’s provision from Israel’s history?

Verse 16: How does worship and sacrifice expand our vision of obedience?

Verse 17: What are ways that God’s light or glory acted for God’s people? How does this relate to our present-day obedience?

Verse 18: Let’s pray for God’s kingdom to come quickly in our lives and our communities.