Day Two: Are We There Yet?

Psalm 133:1 (MSG) 

How wonderful, how beautiful, when brothers and sisters get along!

“For centuries this psalm was sung on the road as throngs of people made the ascent to Jerusalem for festival worship … How great to have everyone sharing a common purpose, traveling a common path, striving toward a common goal, that path and purpose and goal being God. How much better than making the long trip alone.” [Peterson, A Long Obedience, 178]

“As we come to declare our love for God, we must face the unlovely and lovely fellow sinners whom God loves and commands us to love. This must not be treated as something to put up with, one of the inconvenient necessities of faith … It is not only necessary; it is desirable that our faith have a social dimension, a human relationship.” [Peterson, A Long Obedience, 177]

What do you think were the attitudes and activities of the ascending crowds and why?

What views have changed in your life regarding the necessity of community as you have grown?

It only takes four chapters of reading the Bible to come across the first example of sibling rivalry as one brother murders another. Further in, you read how ten brothers sold their eleventh brother into slavery, and on goes the countless examples of sibling discord. How then should we go about getting along with our brothers and sisters, now that we are in the family of believers?

Where are we going and are we there yet? Let’s pray for the vision, mission, calling of our church/ministries and ask for unity as we journey together.


– AK