Day Four: Bless, Bless, Bless

Oh, praise the Lord, all you servants of the Lord,
you who serve at night in the house of the Lord.
Lift your hands toward the sanctuary,
and praise the Lord. May the Lord, who made heaven and earth, bless you from Jerusalem.– Psalm 134 (NLT)

“The last verse could sound like a request, ‘May the Lord bless you’; a promise, ‘The Lord will bless you’; or a declaration, ‘The Lord bless you’… The way the blessing is formulated seems to regroup all three: the blessing is, all at once, a declaration, promise and request. Request because every blessing depends on the sovereign decision of God; promise because the free will of God is not arbitrary, His goodness and faithfulness create the conditions for solid relationship; declaration because in pronouncing the word of blessing, the psalmist does more than express a vow or recall a promise, he fulfills a ministry (see 1 Pet 3.9, ‘Bless others, because to this you were called so that you may inherit the blessing’).” (Translated from French, E. Nicole, Croquis de randonnées bibliques)

Formulate a blessing in the three ways explained above as request, promise and declaration. For example:

– Request: “May the Lord bless my friend who is uncertain of her future…”

– Promise: “The Lord will bless my neighbor according to Psalm 145 that says the Lord is near to all who call on Him…”

– Declaration: “The Lord bless my campus, let Your light shine in the midst of darkness!”

Incorporate these in a moment of prayer, worship and intercession!

– JP