Day Three: On Display

Ephesians 2:7,10 (NLT) – So God can point to us in all future ages as examples of the incredible wealth of his grace and kindness toward us, as shown in all he has done for us who are united with Christ Jesus.
For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus…

“God’s purpose in doing all this is that he might have a display case in which his own grace — the glory of his character and being — can become evident…Each one of us will be a vivid demonstration of the grace and the perfection of God’s character. The glory of his Person will be visible in us throughout the coming ages — especially as it is manifested, says Paul, by his kindness toward us.”
[Ray Stedman,]

1. According to these verses, what is the best display of God’s skill and kindness?
2. What are some specific things in your life God has skillfully shaped or transformed by His grace and kindness?

We are on display as examples of who God is and what God does. As His masterpiece, the imprint of His grace and kindness is all over us. That frees us to know who we are and leads us to worship God.

Father, thank you for your grace and kindness that has skillfully created us into Your masterpiece. We are Yours!

Let’s worship to “Here I Bow” by Bethel Music (Click here).

– KW