Day Three: You (all) are… Gomer! Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Watch this video of a modern adaptation of Hosea (Best with headphones!).

What are we supposed to learn about God’s love through this story?

“I wonder whom you have identified yourself with while we looked through this little book. Hosea, perhaps? Have you sympathized with him? After all… we all know how hard it can be to love sinners. But you realize who you really are, don’t you? I am here to tell you, you are Gomer. You are Gomer… You and I are the unfaithful objects of God’s ever-faithful love. Only when we understand this do we begin to understand what love is… Gomer’s only hope was in a love that she never deserved. And this is your only hope as well. That’s the message of Hosea.” [M. Dever]

“This is a profound mystery, but I am talking about Christ and the church.” (Eph 5.32)

What qualities do people look for in a future spouse?

Jesus gave up His life for us when we were most unlovely, unlovable and unloving. We were never fit to be His bride. Jesus takes it upon Himself to make her holy, glorious, unblemished, faultless… by rescuing, forgiving, washing, feeding, caring (Eph 5.21ff). His self-sacrificial love transforms her to become lovely, lovable and loving.

Let’s pray: Lord, heal us of our waywardness. We run into Your arms of grace and love…

— JP