Day Two: Be in Awe of the Extent of His Love for You”

Read the following quotes from the Psalms that speak of the Lord as our shield: “You are a shield around me” (3.3), “You surround them with your favor as with a shield” (5.12), “my shield and the horn of my salvation” (18.2), “You make your saving help my shield” (18.35), “my strength and shield” (28.7), “our help and shield” (33.20), “a sun and shield” (84.11), “their help and shield” (115.9, 10, 11), “my refuge and my shield” (119.114), “my shield, in whom I take refuge” (144.2).

Take a look at this painting by Jonathan Shaw, “Jesus: Our Shield & Refuge”—

In the caption the artist writes, “Be in awe of the extent of His love for you.”

Take a moment to consider how much the Lord has been a shield to you and your loved ones. Think of moments in your life where the Lord was your shield… moments when he protected your family, spared you from pain, preserved your health, guarded your well-being. Many times we are not aware of the lengths God goes to protect us. May the Spirit reveal to you “the extent of His love for you.” Write them down and give thanks to the Lord.

Let’s sing “Peace Be Still” (Lauren Daigle):

Let’s pray: Lord, you surround us with your favor like a shield. You protect us even when we are not aware of the dangers around us. So many things could have happened to us… but you protected us. Thank you, Lord… my shield in whom I take refuge… thank you, Lord…