Day Two: Let There Be Wonder

Malachi 1:6 (NIV/NLT)“A son honors his father, and a servant respects his master. If I am your father and master, where are the honor and respect I deserve?” says the LORD Almighty.
“It is you priests who show contempt for my name.
“But you ask, ‘How have we shown contempt for your name?’

Noting the connection with Malachi 1:1-5: “…the prophet then moved to point out why that divine love was unable to demonstrate itself fully. It was sheer indifference, carelessness, and half-heartedness, primarily on the part of the spiritual leadership, and then among the people at large, that blocked the full effects of the people’s privileged position and election from showing through in God’s love.”

“In direct proportion to which mortals grasp the greatness of the person, character, and attributes of God (- his name), to that degree will their own inadequacies, falseness, and diluted worship take on credibility, substance, acceptance, and posture.” [Walter Kaiser, Malachi: God’s Unchanging Love]

Simply put, if God is not supreme in my heart, he is not supreme in my life, and that is what will be reflected or enacted through me. May God be supreme in our hearts this week.

Prayer: Our Father in heaven, where there is indifference toward you in our worship, revive us with passion for your holy name. Where there is carelessness in our worship, empower us with authenticity and sincere love for your name’s sake. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Let’s worship singing to “Let There Be Wonder” by Matt Redman. (Click Here)

– TR