Day 2: Get Up

1 Samuel 1:9-10 (NIV) – Once when they had finished eating and drinking in Shiloh, Hannah stood up… In her deep anguish Hannah prayed to the LORD, weeping bitterly.

“Verse 9 contains the turning point of Hannah’s story, but it is a subtle turning point. In fact, a casual reader is liable to miss it altogether: ‘Hannah got up.’ This is not merely a superfluous detail, as if the author were saying Hannah finished her meal and got up to walk into the living room. No, the Hebrew word for ‘got up’ indicates decisive action…Hannah stood up resolved and made a choice…What had just changed? What had Hannah resolved to do?” [Thomas, Heath and J.D. Greer. Exalting Jesus in 1 & 2 Samuel.]

“In v. 9 and 10 – she stood up and began to pray. She is still in deep anguish and weeping bitterly but now it is no longer internal only. She is praying to the Lord. As she prayed, Hannah came to understand that she was before God – in his presence and there was no one besides him that mattered. Before the Lord, in his presence, she poured out her soul. The storm that was inside her heart no longer remained inside. The bitterness, anguish, and grief were finally poured out – before the Lord.” [Adapted from Brenda’s message.]

Prayer: Lord, you invite us to come to you. Before you, in your presence, I pour out my soul. You are all that I need for my current situation. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Let’s worship to “Draw Me Close” by Michael W. Smith (click here).