Day 1: He lives in me

Romans 8:9a NIV
You, however, are not in the realm of the flesh but are in the realm of the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God lives in you.

Galatians 2:19-20a NIV
For through the law I died to the law so that I might live for God. I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.

“In each of these passages, Paul is talking of the remarkable phenomenon at the heart of Christian experience: a new life, a new energy, bubbling up inside us, leading us to praise, urging us to prayer, warning us against complacency or sin, nudging us to acts of love and gentleness, providing fresh glimpses of previously unimagined wisdom and illumination, leading us to places and tasks that might seem crazy but that might just be our true vocation… I used to pray that old chorus:

Cleanse me from my sin, Lord;
put your power within, Lord;
take me as I am, Lord,
and make me all your own.
Keep me day by day, Lord,
walking in your way, Lord;
make my heart your palace
and your royal throne.”
(N.T. Wright, Into the Heart of Romans)

Prayer: God, thank you for the new resurrection life you have brought us into by the Sprit. May we be energized and renewed by the Spirit who lives in us to pray for the places, tasks, and steps to take by your leading. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Let’s sing and pray along to “He Lives In Me” by Sinach – asking the Lord to keep us today and to walk in his ways (click here).