Day Three: Go Lower Still

John 3:30 (NIV) – He must become greater; I must become less.

“My heart cries out, ‘Oh, Lord, let me be undone!’ I choose not to stand up, grow up or get a grip. I want to fall down. I want my hands and my heart to stay loose, yielded into His heart and His love. It is about being made more like Him, not more like me. I will contend to be undone. I will ask Him to help me stay undone. Not finished, always ready, always wanting to be more like Him. His life and His love poured into my empty life, to fill up and overflow from this little jar of clay. What is a Christian? Someone who is like Christ. Maybe we are not Christians yet, but by God’s grace we are becoming Christians, becoming more like Him. Growing smaller rather than growing up. Going lower still until we become nothing and He becomes everything.” [Baker, Heidi. Learning to Love, 124-125.]

As we desire to love and minister to others, we sometimes make it about ourselves. At times, we reason that there has to be this “perfect storm” in order for us to start loving others. But God is always ready. Let’s pray that God will reshape our thoughts and our lives so that it is all about him – not about what we can or cannot do, what we like or don’t like to do. May God become greater, may we become less!

– DW