Day 5: Image Bearers

Genesis 1:27 NIV
So God created humans in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

“Being made in the image of God confers on us dignity, entrusts us with responsibility, and implants in us a certain potential, namely, the capacity to mirror our Creator. As Christians, our redemption has greatly enhanced this capacity, and in the process, has made us more sensitive to the responsibility we have and the dignity shared by all humankind.” (Walton, Genesis, NIVAC)

“May we be the community of men and women who fully and maturely bear the image of God, people who reflect his glory and grace with clarity and accuracy…with Jesus as our model who showed us how to be truly human. And as the world looks upon our lives, may they begin to see His detailed brushstrokes, may they begin to catch the heart of the Artist, may they begin to see that behind our lives there is intention, skill, and meaning.” (P. Lee)

Let’s pray for the Spirit’s help to live as the people of God who maturely and accurately reflect the goodness and glory of our Creator. In every conversation and interaction we have today, may we recognize and uphold the dignity of each person created in the image of God. May many in our cities and campuses come to know the love of their Creator for themselves.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, by your Spirit’s power, may we mature to more clearly reflect your goodness and glory. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

Let’s sing “More Like Jesus” by Passion (click here)