Day One: Upside Up-Reconciled to God

Romans 5:8 But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (NIV)

As we look around today, the world is so Upside Down from what God desires for our lives. The reason why there is so much hurt, brokenness and things that shouldn’t be but are, is a direct result of the sin that mars and distorts even the good things of this world. What does it mean to live in the Upside Up? It all starts with encountering the One who invades our Upside Down world in love and power to make our lives Upside Up. Actually, in the beginning the world was right side up. The creation was good. God created man and woman is his image and it was “very good”.

God created human beings, body and soul, to experience everlasting communion with him. That relationship with Him was lost when sin entered the world. The image of God was sullied, dirtied, tarnished; we died spiritually.

This is not to say our humanity was obliterated… We are still capable of altruistic works and thoughts; we still have spiritual capacities, though on our own we always fall short of union with God and fulfilling his will. It is more accurate to say that every part of our being has been affected by sin, though not obliterated by it. These areas include our physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual, sexual, social, and, of course, spiritual functions. We are only a shadow of what God originally intended, always falling short of full communion with him.  [John Wimber, Power Healing, p.60]

Therefore our root problem is sin and our biggest need is the need for spiritual healing meaning forgiveness, reconciliation, and a restored relationship with God.  [P. Cory Ricks, Upside UP Fall College Conference, 2018].

Today, let’s pray thanking the Lord for this great salvation, for in Christ we are now reconciled to God! Worship with the song Living Hope (click here) by Phil Wickham.